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TriDatum Solutions Inc. CTO Stephen Jones recently joined Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman of theCube at IBM Edge 2014.

Stephen Jones, Tri-Datum, with Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman at IBM Edge 2014


… to help you realize the scope of what your business can really do.

If your organization is flawless and everything works the way it should all the time, then you probably shouldn’t waste your time exploring this section of our website. However, on the off chance that your business does have needs that you can’t quite seem to fill or you are experiencing challenges, we may be able to help. The difficulty with creating solutions for a variety of businesses in a variety of industries is that all businesses are different.
There is no one-solution-fits-all because no two companies are alike.

However, while some (or most) business may not be able to identify exactly what solution they need, they oftentimes do understand the problems they are having. That is where we come in. We help solve business problems. If you’re asking us to break it down, we can group the problems we help solve into the following: